Artist Statement

As a documentary photographer, my subjects have been women and musicians. I see music and photography as similar mediums in their ability to connect the past, present and future. 'Cuba with Love' began in 1998 when I became intrigued with Cuba and wanted to do a photographic essay on a female singer, on and off the stage. Cuba is a country rich with music and the musicians were accessible in a way that I like to work. My story of Perla Negra began with my frst trip to Cuba in 2000, she captured my imagination and let me into her world. I continued to visit Cuba and photograph Perla each year. In 2003, I won a scholarship with Sam Abell and was able to participate in the Project Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. At the workshop it was suggested that instead of doing a photo story, perhaps my work better lent itself to film. Afer tears and frustration, I returned to Havana in 2006 with a cinematographer to 'make a movie'. I had no idea what I was getting into. But my story came alive and has evolved. Filmmaking has been an incredible journey and quite a learning experience. This film has taken me into new territories within myself and has challenged me on every level. The focus of my work is to entertain by exploring the strength of the human spirit.

Wendy R. Walter

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